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PURE LURE pushed off the docks in 2018 to become the performance brand of choice for the adventurous watermen both on and off the water. Whether you are hooked into a Big Eye, fighting a Marlin or pulling a bass from your local pond, you can always trust that we will use the very best materials to ensure quality, comfort and fit at all cost. Building the best product will be at the very forefront of everything we do, GUARANTEED!


Aside from being an authentic fishing brand, Pure Lure also puts a lot of effort into giving back to the community.


Captain Jo Jo

Captain Jo Jo Started my fishing career out of Indian River, Delaware as a mate at 15 years old. Went on to obtain his captains license when he turned 19, stepped up on the bridge at 20. Ran a charter boat business for 15 years out of Indian River in summer and would fish out of Florida in the winters learning all different types of fishing. After many successful years, he than sold his charter business and began running private charter boats up the east coast, Caribbean, Bahamas, and Costa Rica. Captn JoJo goes on to thankfully say, “I have been blessed to win and place in many tournaments and catch many people their first ever billfish”. I have and still to this day love my job and most of all proud to be a River Rat!! Just remember ‘You can’t catch them between the pilings”

Ronnie Fields

Ronnie Fields started out at a young age bouncing between the pilings of West Ocean City Harbor fishing for anything that he could catch With a true love for the water he was either fishing the jetty with his father Alan Fields or surfing the beaches of Ocean City any chance he could get . Eventually Ronnie would start working as a mate on local charter boats out of Ocean City After high school. Ronnie would travel to South Florida where he would continue to travel throughout the world as a Mate fishing Exotic destinations Afterwords Ronnie would acquire his captains license as he would continue to fish around the world competing and winning many tournaments and catching numerous world records Ronnie has traveled to many countries like The Cape Verde islands off Africa ,Venezuela ,Dominican Republic, Coats Rica , Mexico ,Panama , Azores Islands and Madeira just to name a few Ronnie has a true love for the ocean and can usually be either found on or in the Ocean daily For all the destinations Ronnie has traveled He’s home of Ocean City Maryland is at the top of the list!!


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